Below are a few links to many interesting websites. Of course, they are always somehow related to Biz or his artwork, and some of them are fans webpages. I use to check'em out quite often, and I recommend you do it too, they're great.
Please let me know if you see some great website that's worth having a link here, I'll be glad to add some more !

Simon Bisley-only websites :
A fan website. Features various images, a special FAKK2 page, and links. Too bad the "Bio" page isn't available.
This site looks really great, unhappily none of the pictures on it is available... Too bad.
Contains a few illustrations, and various desktop wallpapers.

Bisley-related websites :
Heavy Metal magazine official website (Heavy Metal is the English magazine whose owner is Kevin Eastman, a longtime friend of Bisley's).
The site contains various illustrations from Bisley, along with numerous posters and other items on sale featuring Bisley art. But the best part is definitely the Bisley-only page, with a biography, various paintings, a few pictures and great never before published sketches. A must see.
Verotik comics' official website. Verotik has published a lot of Bisley comics, and they have a great Bisley gallery, and updated news regarding Bisley sometimes.
A few FAKK2-related illustrations.
There are a few FAKK2-related illustrations too on this website dedicated to the FAKK2 video game.
This website features a great, long interview of Simon Bisley. See more info in the
"INTERVIEWS" section of my website.
A Bisley gallery, with various interesting illustrations, among other artists.
Contains a few images.
In French, contains a short biography along with a few images.

Websites featuring Bisley original art on sale :
This "online museum" sometimes has exhibits about different artists, along with various auctions featuring original art.
This website is runned by the official agent company who sells Bisley art. They sometimes have great rare pieces.
Very rare stuff here on sale, including early work, sketches, never published projects and... Bisley's very own Leather jacket !
Original art on sale.
Original art on sale.
This famous auction website often features Bisley original art on sale. Worth checking out.

Other interesting websites :
Comic books archives/database, featuring great information on numerous comics Bisley have worked on, but many comics are missing.
This website is for Lobo-fans only, Lobo being this DC Comics character that Bisley used to draw in early '90's.