There are only a few interviews of the man available... And that's a shame, cause they're often brilliant, Bisley being smart and funny, and they're interesting, as he's not afraid to speak about his influences, the way he works, the "artists" that rip him off, and so many things a fan just loves to read... So, over the years, I managed to get a few of them anyway, maybe you might be interested in knowing where to find them. If you want to see them published here, I guess I could do it, one at a time, so please let me know.
For each and everyone of those, I mentionned the main topics talked about in the interview. By the way, there's a reason why there are so few Bisley interviews: a famous comics shop owner once told me that Bisley hates flying by plane, and that he doesn't go in the U.S. very often... And all the journalists are in the U.S. (I hope all of you know that Bisley lives in England).

WIZARD: the guide to comics #31 (March 1994)
(by Henry T. Colonna III)
This is definitely one of the most interesting Bisley interviews, and one of the most "in-depth" too. 6 whole pages in probably the most important magazine about comics (note: Gareb Shamus, owner of Wizard, owns some cool Biz original art hanging in his office), that's a "must-have" for fans. There's another version of this issue, with a Lobo cover by... Glenn Fabry, as far as I remember.
- Main topic: Melting Pot and Lobo.
- Other topics: Kevin Eastman, work-for-hire jobs, violence in comics, editors, trading cards, his influences, him influencing artists, his technique, the Weapon Lord video game...
(by Peter Sanderson)
Very interesting one also, with a long discussion about Judge Dredd, Batman, and Judge Death as characters, and good questions, maybe a little too focused on the Batman/Dredd book.
- Main topic: Batman/Judge Dredd: Judgment On Gotham
- Other topics: Death (in general...), New York, Lobo, what he likes to do, his work,...
- Quote: "Ideally, what I'd like is just to do painted covers. Because I can make $1500 on a cover, to do the same I'd have to do an entire episode of Lobo"
SCARCE 1990 annual special
(by Xavier Hannart)
Sorry English-speaking folks, this one is in French ! This is actually the first interview Biz did, as far as I know. He's not famous at all at the moment, and has only done two major works in England (ABC Warriors and Slaine). The interview is great anyway.
- Main topic: Slaine, the horned God
- Other topics: writers, his technique on Slaine, Heroic Fantasy, ...
(by Steve Ringgenberg)
This long interview is available on this website, just follow the link :
If you happen to notice that the link is "dead", just
send me a message and I'll have it available online. This is a great, long interview, very interesting.
- Main topic : Death Dealer #1 (Verotik Comics)
- Other topics : His biography, the way he works, his influences, Frank Frazetta, ...
- Quote : [about the size of paper he uses] "I'm working much, much bigger these days just because when I sell it, it'll be worth more... "