Now, THIS is difficult. Choosing my favorite Biz artwork... Wow! I will change it sometimes, cause I often change my mind about it: in a couple of weeks, I might just read some old comics again and find out this is the best work Biz has ever done... At the moment, these are my personnal favorites, and if you don't think the same, feel free to send me a message! I would just love to feature a "Top 5: the fans' favorites" in the next weeks !!!! Just let me know what you think deserve to be in the Top 5.

5 F.A.K.K.2
Now I know, it's almost like cheating, as there's so much artwork in the whole FAKK2 project ! And there's even more if you consider that the first step to it was Melting Pot ! But I had to put this one in the Top 5, as this project has it all: all designs by Biz, a wonderful poster (and a great statue made from this design), some cool merchandise (including cool action figures also), the whole storyboard/script sketches by Bisley, some of the best pin-ups he ever made, an upcoming video game... Bisley's always doing his best work when he works with his friends, and Kevin Eastman is definitely one of them ! All great stuff.
Sure it's weird, as this piece of work is not well known, but this painting features Bisley at his best ! Some cool barbarian fighting some creepy 6-armed human/spider hybrid monster. What's cooler than that?? The pose is great, looks like it's a picture taken in the climax of a huge battle, the colors are cool, the anatomy is perfect as usual... This painting has "power" written all over it.
3 BATMAN/JUDGE DREDD: Judgment on Gotham
The first real painted work for D.C. from Biz, this book contains some of his best work. It has incredible pin-ups, Dredd is funny, Batman takes all these great poses and has never been so muscular. Plus, the batmobile never looked so cool! Let alone Mean Machine and Judge Death who are pure evilness... Also, he managed to put some "gore" effects in it, which is amazing due to the book being published by D.C.. All good.
This may be one of his earlier work, but that's also one of his best, definitely. He created a whole universe with so many cool characters, with Slaine first of course (and the "Slaine monster"...), his foes, the midget, the monsters, the dragons, the wizards,... Heroic Fantasy never looked so cool. Also, art-wise, there's everything in it: the most beautiful paintings (oil painting, watercolour), pencils only sometimes... There are many wonderfully detailed pin-up pages, and also some very rough, very powerful pages sometimes. Slaine has it all, and even if it's an expensive book, it's all worth it.
1 LOBO: the last Czarnian
Art-wise, this probably isn't Biz's best work ever, I agree... But this one has a special, personnal meaning for me, as I discovered Bisley with it (along with Slaine), and I was caught. The artwork is "only" inks over pencils, and the painted covers are cool (let alone what is probably the most striking cover... EVER!), but it looks great. I don't like the colorizing, though. I didn't know which one of the Lobo series to choose, but this one is the best: it defined the character for ever (Lobo was kinda lame before, and all of a sudden, he's the coolest alien in the whole Universe !), the story is amazing (the last two pages are the most shocking pages I ever read), and the guy is having some real fun drawing it (he wrote some of his favorite bands' names on all the walls in the comics or on T shirts, for instance). He also designed the whole look of the character, his outfit, the hook and the chain, the 'bike, he deserves some credit here, too.