I need you here ! My goal with this website is to make the best Bisley website ever, and I can't do that alone. The problem is, I just can't know everything Bisley ever did. I managed to gather quite a few books featuring Biz artwork, over the years, but there are many pictures that I found in magazines or on Internet, and I just can't find out where and when they were published and used. And I guess that some of you may have some of those, so you may be able to help me out...
So, below are a few images (click on the thumbnails to see each image at full size) which I don't know where they were published, and also a few comics I have questions about. The names for each file aren't always a clue, as I often gave them name I made up myself. I sometimes have some information about some of them, and if so it's written below each one. So, if you happen to know that this painting was published as a cover for that book, or that this other one is a page of a comics, or that this one is a trading card...
Let me know ! Of course, you'll get full credit for your help and will be part of a "thanx list".
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- "SPEEDBALL 2" Video Game: I'm not "positively sure" this is Biz artwork, maybe you can confirm this to me.
"JUDGE DREDD": where and when did all these stories were originally published? I own 8 stories, are there more of them?
TRADING CARDS: Mars Attacks (Topps), Blackball comics, Vampirella, Judge Dredd, ... I know that Bisley did some artwork for these trading cards, but I don't know what exactly.
"CASEY JONES AND RAPHAEL" (Mirage Publishing): were issues #2,3,4 released? I own issue #1, and ads for the following issues, but I never was able to get a hold on them.
"SIMON COLDWATER": I don't own all the stories published in Heavy Metal, I need you to let me know the # of the Heavy metal issues where they were all published (let me know for the ones you have).

Band_devil barbarian Death Dredd1 Fantasy1
Looks like a rock band or something...
barbarian.jpg Death.jpg Dredd1.jpg
I think this is a painting used to make a Judge Dredd statue, I don't know.
Fantasy2 Fist Mr_Monster ninja Ninja_Turtles
Fantasy2.jpg Fist.jpg Mr_Monster.jpg
I own a translation of this Mr Monster story, but I don't know where it was firts published and if there were more of them.
Looks like a trading card to me...
Perhaps it's a cover for the famous Eastman comics...
Sea_Monster sketch1 sketch2 sketch3
Sea_Monster.jpg sketch1.jpg sketch2.jpg sketch3.jpg Batman_sketch1.jpg

Again, looks like a trading card

Maybe these sketches are early designs for paintings or covers or something...

Swamp_Thing_TShirt Werewolf2 Wildstorm_Wildcats_Hellspont StarWars

This actually is the design for a T Shirt, but I know that Biz worked for Swamp Thing (D.C.), I just don't know how.
Looks like a trading card.
This is a famous (evil) character from the Wildstorm comic book WildCats.
Maybe it's a cover for one of the numerous comics from Star Wars. The overall "layout" is definitely not one for a regular comic book, though.

I think it's a cover for the hard rock band DIO, but I'm not sure for what exactly...

I only own an ad for this comics, but I don't know much about it

"Hey! I know something about any of these pieces on this page ! I saw it somewhere or heard about it, but here is what I know"...
Send me any clue / hint you might have about those, this will most certainly help me out... THANK YOU !
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