Well, here it is, what this website is all about... Biz's art !! I could have put all I have in it, but there's no point in doing so: my goal is to make you go out today, go to your favorite comics shop and check out (and buy) some of his work. So I put some great stuff in it, some really rare artwork (some of those even the biggest fans won't believe their eyes !), some really cool (I went for the rarer stuff always, but I just had to put well known artwork also, as it's so good sometimes), I hope you'll all like it. I separated the whole thing in various sections and "sub-sections" to make it easier for you. So enjoy, and
let me know what you want to see in it.

His first work in Comics was already great, mostly in Black & White, but with a few great paintings too. Some of Biz's most memorable work was published by D.C, including the infamous Lobo...
Probably the most beautiful paintings he ever done, and at the end of the day, his most "complete" work. Bisley did a few stories of the famous "enforcer", and they just kicked maximum ass !
Owned by his friend Kevin Eastman, the English magazine Heavy Metal featured some of Biz's greatest work over the last decade. Yes, Bisley worked for Marvel too, and he provided a few great covers for them.
Owned by his friend (and fan) Glenn Danzig, this company used his artwork for many covers and comics. Here you'll find all his other artwork, published by other companies, independent, bands, ...
This company asked Biz to do some covers for them, which happened to be some of his best work.